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EVERYDAY is Earth Day

Earth Day is one of my FAVORITE DAYS OF THE YEAR!!! I LOVE celebrating the beauty of our blue-green planet, and I LOVE seeing everyone making a contributing effort to protect the environment.  But... what about all of the other days of the year? We have reached a point in human history where our actions have had such a severe impacted on Earth that we have tipped the scales off balance.  We have thrown Mother Earth out of harmony.  As a consequence, we have put the survival of every single living being on the planet in jeopardy.  Many are already extinct!  Ooofff.... that is a big responsibility to shoulder, and many have chosen to ignore the facts regarding the critical state that our planet is in. We are at a...

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SHADOW WORK: A Ritual of Boiling the Bones

Shadow work is a boiling of the bones… it is taking all of the scraps, everything labeled as “waste,” everything that would be banished and thrown in the trash, and turning it into to medicine.  The real chicken soup for the soul isn’t warm fuzzy stories with happy fucking endings.  It is making medicine from the poison.  It is transmuting that which has made us sick into that which nourishes our strength.  This transformative alchemical process is otherwise known as “healing.” Shadow work calls for going into the darkness to have a meeting with our Self.  There is a reason why are afraid of THE DARK… it is where our deepest fears, most disgusting perversions, and festering wounds live, but...

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Silver Linings in Uncertain Times

There is no doubt that we are in uncertain times in the midst of Corona Virus quarantine.  Many of us are feeling the stress and panic of the collective.  It is hard not to get sucked into the fear-based click-bait headlines that are being repetitively shared on social media.... However, in all dark situations, we have a decision to make.  As we sit in the darkness, are we going to let fear take us over?  Or are we going to light a candle? As the world slows down and people's lives are put on hold, many of us are being given a break from our daily duties and responsibilities of our jobs and social activities.  We are being asked to isolate and...

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Crystal Grid Ritual for Intention Setting

    WHAT THE HECK IS A CRYSTAL GRID?! And why would you want to build one?! Crystal grids are site specific installations made of stone + other organic found objects arranged in circular or geometric patterns that are constructed in alignment with the directions + celestial bodies.  Stone circle building is an ancient art that harnesses the power of Earth intelligence + sacred geometry.  By implementing crystal grids in our personal or professional spaces, we can manifest our intentions with laser focus by using the crystal grid as a “broadcasting system.” Quartz crystals in particular are excellent at being programmed, storing information as well as transmitting frequencies.  Industrially, they have been used in radios, watches and computers for these...

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Tucson Gem Show Shopping Tips!

The Tucson Gem Show is my happy place!  I took my first trip out West to attend the gem show back in 2008.  Since then, I’ve built my jewelry business from the inspiration fueled by this amazing event!  Here are some of my top tips for attending the Tucson Gem Show:   1) Be prepared for extreme temperature swings.    Since Tucson is in the desert, it is usually warm and sunny during the day while your shopping and cold at night.  The temperature can really drop once the sun goes down! 2) Wear comfy shoes!!!  This is an absolute must!  The Gem Show is comprised of many shows that are scattered through out the city, and you’ll want to cover A...

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