Aragonite Star Cluster Pendant

Aragonite Star Cluster Pendant

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This Aragonite Star Cluster crystal comes from Morocco.  It is a stone that can help bring balance to all of the Chakras, especially the lower Chakras.  It is a stone that can help us to heal old emotional wounds on a deep soul level.  Robert Simmons says, "Wearing an Aragonite Crystal can enhance one's feelings of emotional strength and confidence, allowing one to become a 'human star' emanating love and compassion for others."

This piece has a removable clasp in the middle of the chain which allows it to be doubled and worn up high on the chest OR as a single long chain and rest on the solar plexus.  Crystal power with versatility!

Set in oxidized sterling silver. Chain is approx. 32" long.  Stone color & shape will vary slightly.  Crystal is approx. 1.5" x 1.25" x 1.25"

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