Apophyllite Heualandite Necklace/Brooch
Apophyllite and Huelandite brooch/necklace set in oxidized sterling silver

Apophyllite Heualandite Necklace/Brooch

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Apophyllite & pink stilbite specimen combine with Heulandite, a rare mineral from India, in this statement piece of epic proportions!  

Apophyllite is a celestial being.  It is a stone that helps to align us with our Divine Mission and Life Purpose.  It helps us to connect with the celestial realms of Angels and Spirit Guides.  Pink Stilbite is a soft and gentle stone that helps to heal the heart and remain open even the most difficult of circumstances.  Apophyllite and Pink Stilbite are both minerals that belong to the Zeolite family.  Zeolites always grow together.

This piece has both a pin back finding and an omega neckwire to be worn as either a brooch or a necklace.  You decide how to wear it!

Omega neck wire is hand forged from sterling silver.  Approx. 5.5" Diameter/ 17.25" circumference.  Pendant/brooch is approx. 2" x 3" x 1.75"

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