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Artist Statement

My work begins outside, exploring the natural landscape, fueled by a sense of adventure.  Although I am just a visitor, these wild places are my muse. Captivated by the intricate design of each organism and the ecosystems they inhabit, I collect organic found objects as I travel through these places.  I am not interested in re-creating the "likeness" of these specimens in my work.  Instead, I am interested in sustaining the fleeting beauty found in nature.  Working with these objects directly as materials allows me to feel connected to these wild places and observe universal cycles of life and spirit.

 I am the artist as alchemist; breathing new life into organic specimens that would otherwise decay; transmuting the ordinary into something precious.  As these specimens are taken out of context, I construct a home for them to live outside of their natural environment.  They become objects of curiosity; talismans that serve to keep us connected to these wild places. 

Adorning the body with these unique yet familiar objects allows me to create an intimate dialogue between the wearer and those who find their curiosity piqued.  By drawing people into this conversation, we acknowledge our interconnectedness with the environment and each other.  As we carry objects from nature with us on our person, we pay homage to the land we evolved from and invite others to do the same.