Magical Talismans for your Inner Boss Bitch
Magical Talismans for your Inner Boss Bitch

Magical Talismans for your Inner Boss Bitch

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In this 2 part workshop series, we will learn how to integrate the magical arts with the wisdom of the body through the sacred art of body adornment.  Happening on the night of the Aquarius New Moon, we will be using this potent energy portal of inspiration +  innovation to super charge our lives, fine tune our crafts + radiate our creative genius out into the world!  If you are an artist, an entrepreneur, a lover of magic + jewelry, or you have a unique talent that you'd like to share with the world, then this workshop is for you!


Part 1: Jewelry + Alchemy: How to Use your Body as a Magical Pathway (Pre-recorded video lecture)

Reality is malleable. Our bodies are a direct line to the Divine, and our bodies are always communicating with us. However, as society has become removed from nature, we have forgotten how to speak the language. Using ancient wisdom + the magical arts, we will learn how to reclaim our body as a sensory tool for our spiritual evolution. We will explore how jewelry can empower us to adorn ourselves with meaning + manifest our best life. 


Part 2: The Art of the Magical Talisman (Hands on Live Webinar) 2/11 @ 7PM

In this hands-on workshop, we will learn how to transform our jewelry from physical objects into magical items for our spiritual evolution + business development. Using ancient wisdom, ritual magic and esoteric sciences, we will infuse intention into our jewelry for manifesting our heart’s desire. We will explore how to work with the charkas, numerology, astrology, palmistry + crystal healing to adorn ourselves with meaning + a sense of purpose. Participants are encouraged to bring a piece of jewelry that they would like to work with to the event for a magical jewelry ceremony.

*Webinar includes digital magical handbook for additional guidance!  The hand book + Part 1 video will be sent to you via email prior to the event.


In preparation for the New Moon workshop + enchantment ceremony, please be prepared with:

*Your favorite piece of jewelry

*Wear something that makes you feel magical + empowered.  Power blazers strongly encouraged!

*Please watch the Part 1 video prior to the hands on workshop happening on 2/11.

*It is strongly recommended that you print out the handbook so that you can have it handy during our workshop.