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Purpurite + Garnet Pendant

Purpurite + Garnet Pendant

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This pendant harnesses the power of purple, the color of higher consciousness.  Purpurite is a Crown Chakra activating stone, connecting us with our Higher Self and the voice of Divine Guidance.  Purpurite appears to be quite mystical because it has a metallic luster that cannot really be captured in a photo.  It is a stone of the higher realms that embodies the Light. The Garnet in this pendant anchors the wearer from being "too floaty" as it is a stone deeply rooted in Earth energy, activating the 1st Chakra.  Both stones offer psychic protection on the spiritual path for truth, personal evolution, and awakening.

Set in oxidized sterling silver.  Pendant 1.5" x 1" x .5"  Chain approx. 18.5"

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