Crystal Grid Ritual for Intention Setting

crystal grid 
And why would you want to build one?!
Crystal grids are site specific installations made of stone + other organic found objects arranged in circular or geometric patterns that are constructed in alignment with the directions + celestial bodies.  Stone circle building is an ancient art that harnesses the power of Earth intelligence + sacred geometry.  By implementing crystal grids in our personal or professional spaces, we can manifest our intentions with laser focus by using the crystal grid as a “broadcasting system.” Quartz crystals in particular are excellent at being programmed, storing information as well as transmitting frequencies.  Industrially, they have been used in radios, watches and computers for these exact purposes.  So why not put these properties to good use in our own lives?!
Building crystal grids has become an intimate part of my personal + creative practice.  Crystal grids have helped me to create sacred space, focus my intentions, magnify my creativity, and manifest magical experiences into my life!  I personally love to create these grids in tandem with the Lunar cycles and other celestial events.  It is an intimate way to work with the beings of the stones as well as the Moon.  The grid becomes an offering as well as a way for me to interact with these spirits.
If you are new to crystal grids and don't have a crystal collection yet, you can use whatever stones you have access to.  Pebbles in your driveway or stones near a river will work great!  (These are just examples... you can literally use anything you have access to... you get the gist!)  If you have already begun collecting crystals, here are some great stones to start with.  Some of these may already be in your collection.


Amethyst Crystal 

Amethyst is an excellent stone for releasing unhealthy habits + addictions in order to create space for a new way of life to emerge. This uplifting of our being first happens internally, in the mind, by raising our conscious awareness so we can begin to make healthier choices rooted in self love + care. When we make this shift, everything else begins to shift as well. Our cells function at their highest capacity + our external reality begins to reflect the beauty of the internal coherence that we’ve created. And oh man, does it feel good when we can begin exemplify the life of our dreams!

Remember that whatever it is that you want out of life, you can have it! You just have to bring it into your conscious awareness and raise your vibration to meet it! As they say, what you seek, is seeking you! The magic to make it happen is already inside you! You just have to consciously activate it!  Feeling you need some guidance along the way? Allow amethyst to be a gentle yet profound guide to awaken you to the higher realms of consciousness + LOVE!
It is quite interesting that Amethyst tends to be many people’s first stone, their “gateway crystal” if you will.  It is also a favorite stone of many experienced collectors.  Amethyst is an excellent stone for both the novice and “expert” crystal collector alike.
Fluorite Crystal
Purple + green fluorite crystals are the perfect tool to help align your head with your heart!  This Air Element crystal promotes clarity in thinking and directness in action!  Release any worries or negativity, clear your mind, and enjoy some clarity around matters of the heart!
Clear Quartz Crystal
Clear Quartz is well known for its ability to be programmed with an intention to amplify your energy or manifesting capacity.  It can be used for anything in the metaphysical realm as long as you give the energy a direction to go.  An excellent stone for visualization!


Crystal grid

Some ritual guidance….

(These are NOT rules!  There are no “rules!”)


  1. Choose your location. This can be in your home, work place, or out in nature.  You know best!  If you have an altar, this is an excellent place for your grid.  I also like to build crystal grids on or around objects that are a part of my manifesting process (such as a written list of goals, my vision board, jewelry that I am programming with an intention, etc.)
  1. Choose the time. Some ideas:
    1. Build your grid in tandem with the Lunar cycles, Solstices, etc.  
    2. Build your grid as a zen activity.
    3. Build your grid while focusing on an intention that you are trying to manifest. This will amplify the speed + magnitude of your manifesting power!
  1. Decide on the basic structure of the grid: circle, square, triangle, hexagon, a combination of different shapes, etc.The possibilities are endless! Let your intuition guide you and get creative!  Use the crystals to direct the energy!
  1. Once you are satisfied with the grid you’ve constructed, you can meditate with your grid, allow it to charge + energize your space, and continue to interact with it by removing or adding to it.

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  1. Added bonus: Incorporate candle magic and smudging into your crystal grid ritual!  Use a candle that you can carve into and a stick of Palo Santo, Sage, or other smudging tools. Carve a word or an intention that you would like to invoke in your crystal grid on the candle with a pointed object like a wooden skewer or pin.
  1. Use the power of fire to activate the grid by lighting the candle and the stick of Palo Santo or Sage. Palo Santo is one of my personal favorite magickal tools because it has the ability to clear and neutralize any funky unwanted energies of a person, a space or an object AND charge them with positive energy.  Burnt similar similarly to sage, Palo Santo smells amazing and does not set off smoke alarms!  You can use the Palo Santo to smudge yourself, family + friends participating in your crystal grid by circling them with the smoke from the Palo Santo.  It's fun and keeps the vibes high!  Circle the crystal grid with the Palo Santo smoke 3x to activate.  Why the #3?  Because 3 is a number of creativity and will help you to CREATE your intention in your life!  If you would like, you can say a mantra or state your intention as you do this.  (This would also be a good time to talk to your spirit guides).
    1. If you would like to cleanse your crystals in between grids, you can smudge them in Palo Santo or Sage smoke or charge them in the moonlight of a Full Moon.  You can also visualize your crystals being cleansed.