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Alex Lozier Jewelry custom Magical Talisman Pendant.
Are you interested in co-creating a Magical Talisman or custom piece of jewelry together? There's nothing quite like having something MADE FOR YOU with love + intention!  Jewelry has helped me to ignite a self-love revolution of epic proportions + these are the results I aim to share with my customers when they wear my jewelry!  I'd LOVE to adorn you + make something special just for you!  If you'd like to make some Magick together, please feel free to reach out with your custom project proposal to get on the waitlist.
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Custom orders start at $350 + go up from there depending upon the materials + complexity of the design.  All custom orders begin with an intention, vision, or favorite stone + I am happy to help you with this process via zoom, email or phone... whatever your preference is!  After agreeing upon a design, price + outlining a timeframe for completion of the project, a 50% deposit will be required to begin project production.  Deposits are non-refundable.  Why are deposits non-refundable?  Because at this stage in the process, I have already invested my time + materials into your custom jewelry.  No exceptions.  Of course, the jewelry can evolve along the creative process as long as both parties are in agreement!  After all, this is a co-creative process and we are working together!  When you pay your 50% deposit, you are agreeing to these studio policies.


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