How to Use Crystals to Activate Change

What does it mean if you are being called forth to work with crystals?

It means you’re being called forth to work the Earth.  It’s no surprise that so many people are being turned on to the mineral kingdom these days.  It’s almost becoming trendy.  And in my opinion, that’s a good thing!  I’m all for being estoteric and I'm a big fan of the underground scene, but let’s face it, our world is fucked up!  And that is being reflected in the state of our health, the environment, and our country. All of these things are intimately interconnected.  This is not about politics.  This is about conscious awareness.  Our planet and its inhabitants need our attention and more importantly our action. 
 If you are feeling compelled to begin working with crystals, you can consider this beginning of your wake up call.  The Earth is calling you to work with her.  She is inviting you to participate in your own healing.  When we heal ourselves, we heal the planet.  Remember that you are a microcosm of the macrocosm and the parts affect the whole and vice versa.  When we begin to heal ourselves, we begin to make better decisions for ourselves.  And guess what?!  In general, what is good for you is also good for the planet.
 Now there’s probably a lot of “non-believers” out there; People who don’t believe that crystals have “energy” or the capability to heal.  And that’s ok!  Just because someone doesn’t believe in something, doesn’t mean they aren’t affected by it.  For example, if someone decided to not believe in gravity, they would still feel the effects of it if they walked off a cliff.  There are lots of things in our world that we can’t see or feel that have a direct impact on our lives, like X-RAYS, EMFs, Wi-Fi.  The list goes on!
It is a fact that all matter has energy.  And if we can begin to understand and work with these energies to our benefit rather than fitting against them, then we can begin to end the struggle.  Stones are teachers and healers.  By working with them, we can learn a lot about ourselves and each other.  Our job is to allow ourselves to be open to it.
Each stone resonates at a different frequency and interacts with our own personal energy in a unique way. When we begin working with a stone, it is like entering into a relationship.  There is a learning period where we learn about each other and how we can work together.  This process can be as deeply spiritual as you want it to be or not.  Whether or not you consider yourself to be a spiritual person doesn’t matter.  You are still receiving the benefits of it either way.  Most of us don’t become deeply spiritual beings overnight.  It is important to understand that it is a process, and we need to learn to trust the process along the way.
We also change along way. And hopefully as we awaken, we heal and grow and wake up to see the beauty that is all around us all the time so that we can participate in that BEAUTY in order to create more of it.  How do we do that?  By being living examples of love and compassion, which comes from within and radiates outward. By choosing to find the common ground instead of trying to convert others to our way of thinking.  And most importantly, by singing and dancing along the way.  It is much easier to get others to participate in a cause when you are in a genuine state of being in love and having fun.  Who wouldn’t want to participate in that?!  Right?!  We all want to be loved and have fun!
 And if stones can be an ally help to awaken us to finding a greater capacity for love and compassion, starting with ourselves, then that is how we can begin to heal the planet. NAMASTE!
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