Dreaming of Crystals? What do Crystal Dreams Mean?!



Are you dreaming of crystals?  Have you ever wondered if a crystal has a specific message for you?  If you are dreaming of crystals you may want to pay attention!

If a specific crystal shows up in your dream, then chances are very likely that the spirit of this particular stone is calling to work with you.  Of course, this can be for a multitude of reasons!  Our dreams are as complex + unique as we are as individuals!  But if a stone has made its way into your dreams, than it has either permeated deep into your subconscious or you are experiencing a spiritual visitation from a stone being on the astral realm!  Either way, it is a significant experience and you will want to investigate this! Chances are that this stone is calling out to help you heal + evolve into a higher octave of who you are becoming!   


Cobaltocalcite Crystal

Cobaltocalcite Crystal




If you are trying to decipher the meaning of your dream, here are some questions that you will want to ask yourself to help find some clues.  First and foremost, do you know what type stone it was?  What color was it?  What shape was this stone?  Did it have any noticeable markings or characteristics about it?  Did you touch the stone?  How did it feel?  Did you meet the spirit of the stone?  Did it say anything to you?  What type of environment was the stone in?  How were you behaving in the dream?  How was the stone behaving in the dream?  Did it behave in a way that is unusual?  (After all, it is a dream!  Anything can happen!)  Is this a stone that you have seen before?  Perhaps it's a stone that you own?  Or maybe it lives in your backyard?

Do your best to answer these questions on your own BEFORE doing any research about dream symbology!  I highly recommend recording every detail that you remember from your dream into a dream journal or book of shadows so that you can continue to use this information as a reference.  Dreams have many layers of meaning that are continuously being revealed. The more we learn about ourselves, the more layers of meaning will be uncovered so you will want to refer back to your notes along your process of self discovery. The meanings that you discover on your own will hold much more POWER than anything you will read in a book or on the internet because they are your own personal symbolic language. At first the meaning of a dream may illude you.  Trust that the meaning will unfold now that it has your attention!



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First and foremost, you can learn a lot about a stone and its healing properties from its color.  Most of the time, a stone's energetic properties will resonate with the corresponding Chakra of the same color.  (I.E. a red color stone will resonate with the Root Chakra, an orange stone with the Sacral Chakra, yellow with the Solar Plexus Chakra and so on...)  This is particularly helpful when you are trying to determine which area of your body, mind + spirit is calling for healing.  And yes!  The mind, body + spirit are all intimately interconnected!  Each Chakra corresponds to a physical location + organ system of the body as well as a psychological + spiritual aspect of your personality.  Determining which area of your being needs healing is an excellent first step to understanding the meaning of your crystal dreams so you can begin to consciously work on healing any imbalances.

Chakra system + crystal dream meanings.

Once you have determined the Chakra your dream crystal is associated with, you can begin to put the pieces together using the archetypes of the Chakra system as a solid foundation for understanding.  For example, if you dreamed of a red crystal, you now know that this dream crystal is associated with the Root Chakra which is located at the base of the spine, so your dream will be associated with themes of family, community, feelings of being accepted + supported, abundance or feelings of lack, stability, safety, etc.  


What other qualities did you notice about the crystal?  How can you start weaving these details together to formulate a story + a message of meaning?  How do these details relate to the archetypal themes of the Chakra?  Remember that dreams speak in symbolic language.  Dream imagery speaks in metaphors and crystal dreams are no different.  What symbolism can you draw from what you were shown in the dream?  Are there parallels between the dream and a "real life" situation you are experiencing?  How does the energetic archetype of the crystal in your dream reflect your emotions regarding a particular situation?  

Crystal Dreams 


If you have dreamt of a crystal that you own, or have access to working with the particular type of stone in your dream, I highly recommend it!  You can meditate with your stone, carry it in your pocket or purse, sleep with it next to your bed or even put it in your pillow.  Interacting with the stone in your dream, will start to offer insight.  Trust that what is coming up is calling your attention to be healed at this time.  Sometimes this can bring up a lot of deep emotions, but remember that your dream crystal is letting you know that it is a trusted ally + you are being supported on your healing journey!  

In the video below, I'd like to share a story with you of a crystal dream I had about Cobaltocalcite that lead to a profound healing experience!  I hope this example can help you weave together the meanings of your crystal dreams + help you in your process of self discovery!