Eco-Conscious Business Practices

Happy Earth Day!  Earth from Moon

Happy Earth Day!  Today is one of my favorite days of the year!  Why?!  Because over here at Alex Lozier Jewelry, EVERY DAY is EARTH DAY!  A few years ago, I decided amplify my love for our beautiful planet beyond my personal life + align my business practices with my core values of living sustainably + being conscious of the environment.  Every year on Earth Day, I implement a new business practice that helps me to keep the studio green + takes action to reduce my business' environmental impact.  Here some of the ways I honor Mother Earth over here at Alex Lozier Jewelry:

1. Plant a tree with every order!

 Since launching my store policy on Earth Day 2020 to plant a tree with every online order, we have planted 788 trees together so far!  My dream is to plant a whole forest someday + we are well on our way!

2. Ship orders in biodegradable bubble mailers.

When I first began my e-commerce journey, I was shipping orders using really pretty metallic purple bubble mailers.  Although they looked pretty, it did not sit well with me that they were made of single use plastic + would ultimately end up in a landfill.  Not cute!  So I began researching sustainable packing materials and found a bubble mailer made from plants that is biodegradable.  All Alex Lozier Jewelry orders ship in these compostable bubble mailers or recycled cardboard boxes.

3. Opt for chemical free or non-toxic whenever possible in the studio.

A jewelry studio is often a place where you would find many solvents + chemicals.  I remember when I was in college, the hazmat team had to come clean up the jewelry studio due to some careless + dangerous mistakes, TWICE!  Yikes!  Since cleaning up my jewelry practices + going green in the studio, I have switched my pickling solution to hot water + vinegar as well as adopted a fluoride free flux to limit the amount of chemicals used in the studio.

4. Reduce plastic use.

In addition to changing to biodegradable bubble mailers, I also use garbage bags made from plants rather than plastic.  I also opt to pack jewelry in paper rather than plastic whenever possible!  

5. Encourage customers to adorn themselves with a sense of purpose!

Adorning yourself with meaning can be as simple as aligning yourself with a brand that shares your core values + making a purchase!  Here at Alex Lozier Jewelry, it is easy for customers to treat themselves all while doing something beneficial for the planet!  This weekend, celebrate Earth Day by planting 10 trees with every $100 spent at!  No coupon code necessary!  Click here to shop now!


In addition to these eco-conscious business practices, in my personal life, I enjoy eating organic, cleaning up the environment + picking up trash.  I also do my best to be an educated consumer + choose to support other businesses who also care about the environment + their impact on the planet.  Doing this allows me to vote with my dollar + feel good about where I spend my hard earned money!  This year, my new eco-conscious activity is planting a garden + beginning the journey of growing my own food!  So so exciting!  I am always eager to learn + improve so if you have feedback or helpful suggestions about how I can make the world a greener place, I'd love to hear from you!  Reach out at

Alex Lozier in a giant Boulder

Sometimes I love the Earth so much, I just need to get into it!