Energetic Support: Crystals for the April 8th Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse is just days away!  On April 8th, 2024, the Moon will cross in front of the Sun, creating approximately 3 minutes of darkness in the path of totality in the U.S. from Texas to Maine!  Even if you are located outside of the path of totality, you are probably still feeling  the energy building leading up to this cosmic event!  Eclipse seasons are known for bringing endings and beginnings that are connected to fate.  With big changes afoot, you maybe feeling the intensity!  Some aspect of your life may be reaching a crescendo, you may be extra emotional, tired or perhaps you're feeling as if the dust is finally starting to settle...
Whatever the case... Rather than trying to manifest or do any rituals, this is a time to practice extra self care, journal + rest if you can.  I recommend riding the cosmic wave + seeing what the universe brings you!  And if you feel like you can use some energetic support during this eclipse season, here are my favorite crystals to help!


Black Tourmaline is well known for its use as a stone that can help mitigate against the harmful effects of EMFs.  The sun is currently in its Solar Maximum which is the part in its cycle where it experiences a high magnitude of solar storms and corona mass ejections (CME).  Not only does the solar eclipse have an effect on us, but so do these solar storms!  Black tourmaline is an excellent stone for this energetic climate!  It is grounding, protective + can act as a shield against chaos.

Black Tourmaline Shield Pendant.  Part of the Season of the Witch collection by Alex Lozier Jewelry.

Black Tourmaline Shield Pendant


As the name suggests, Moonstone embodies the energy of the Moon.  It is connected to our emotions, intuition + self care.  In astrology, the Moon is known as the cosmic Mother.  This stone is all about helping you to nurture yourself in all the ways your soul craves self love!  Moonstone is an excellent ally for tapping into your intuition as a guide during the eclipse + beyond!  Every eclipse has something to teach us and Moonstone can help you integrate those lessons.

Moonstone Amulet Ring. Handmade by Alex Lozier Jewelry. Season of the Witch collection.

Moonstone Amulet Ring