Friday the 13th + Day of the Divine Feminine

Friday the 13th + Day of the Divine Feminine

Happy Friday the 13th!  Today is the day of the Divine Feminine!  Contrary to popular belief, today is a sacred day to be celebrated, not feared!

Friday is ruled by Venus, the planet + goddess of Love, Abundance, Fertility, Art, Beauty, Luxury + Affection.  Friday is named after "Freya's Day," the Norse goddess of this archetypal energy.  Perhaps we should start saying "Thank GODDESS it's Friday!"

The other Divine Feminine celestial body in the sky is the Moon.  She is the cosmic Mother + Nurturer.  Intimately connected to the element of water, the Moon represents our emotions + is the ruler of women.  As women, our menstrual cycles parallel the Lunar cycles.  Just as there are 13 lunations in a year, women have 13 menstrual cycles each year as well.  The Moon also travels 13 degrees across the sky every day.  The Number 13 belongs to the Moon + WOMEN!  The Moon is cyclical in nature, ebbing + flowing between Darkness + Light; pushing + pulling the tides as she waxes + wanes.  The Moon's influence on water is so strong that even gardeners sow their seeds with the Lunar cycles to increase their harvest because the Moon affects the moisture in the soil.

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You don't have to be a gardener to reap the benefits of sowing seeds with the Lunar cycles.  When we enter the Darkness, the time of the New Moon, it is an excellent time to set an intention + plant a metaphorical seed that you would like to see manifest!  The darkness is not a place to be feared!  In this darkness, we find the womb of creation where new life + new ideas spring forth!  As the Moon grows + swells with Light, the Full Moon is a time of harvest + manifestations coming to fruition. Big manifestations can take several lunar cycles so  trust the timing....  Sometimes this is easier said than done!  When we tune into the Lunar cycles, we automatically enhance our intuition because we are bringing our awareness to the inherent wisdom in the cycles of nature.

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In numerology the number 13 reduces to 4. (1 +3 = 4).  4 is a number that belongs to the physical + tangible realms.  4 is all about strong foundations, stability + represents the building blocks of life: the 4 elements.  It is the number of Mother Earth.  In astrology, the number 4 is tied to the sign of Cancer.  It is the 4th sign, dedicated to creating a nurturing home life.  4 is a great number to work with in manifestation magick because it can help bring our ideas into our physical 3D reality!

So as you can see there's so much meaning + magick tied into Friday the 13th!  May we reclaim this day as a sacred day to celebrate women + honor the mysteries of Divine Feminine energy in the cosmos: Mother Moon, Venus + most of all our home planet, MOTHER EARTH!