How to Celebrate Beltane: Magick, Meaning + Rituals


In the Wheel of the Year, half way between the Spring Equinox + the Summer Solstice is the cross quarter holiday, Beltane on May 1st.  Also known as May Day, Beltane is a joyous pagan holiday that celebrates fertility.  At this time of year, the landscape is alive + in full bloom!  In Celtic lore, Beltane is when the fairies return to the forest to inhabit the green world.  Traditionally, Beltane was a fire festival that marked the beginning of the agricultural season.  The Druids would light big bonfires on top of hills + the Irish herding communities would lead their cattle around the fires to protect the herd from disease.  It was believed that the fires had cleansing power + would welcome prosperity to the farm.  

People dressed in bright colors, wore flower crowns + danced around the Maypole.  Each participant in the Maypole ceremony, would hold a ribbon tied to the top of the Maypole. Half of the group would walk clockwise around the pole and the other half counterclockwise.  As they passed each fellow participant walking in the opposite direction, they would weave they ribbons over and under each other, wrapping their ribbons around the pole with each rotation; weaving the hopes + dreams of the Maypole dancers into fruition in the coming harvest season.


After a long dark winter, now is the time to awaken + experience explosive growth!  What activities will help you get the blood flowing, cultivate your creativity + come into full bloom?!  What makes you feel alive?!  Beltane is the time to welcome in a new cycle of growth, abundance + heart expanded consciousness.  Connect with nature + fall in love with the world around you. It's time to set your heart free + express your authentic self fully!  What would you like to harvest later this year?  Now is the time to start putting in the effort + energy to cultivate those blessings!


Looking for a little help from the crystal realm to get in the Beltane spirit?  These crystals embody the joyful fertile energy to welcome in a new cycle of growth + expansion.



  • Connected to the fairy realm
  • Helps clear blocks in the psychic chakras: Heart, Third Eye + Crown Chakras
  • Aids in connection to inner wisdom
  • Contains Lithium + uplifts your mood

Gem Lepidolite Talisman Pendant


  • Brings balance to all of the Chakras, especially the Sacral + Root
  • Heals old emotion wounds on a deep soul level for the feeling of a fresh new start
  • A burst of creativity
  • The confidence to be exactly who you are!

Aragonite Crystal + Garnet Bead Necklace


  • Helps cultivate healthy habits + positive self image
  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Feel connected to something greater than yourself
  • Crown Chakra stone that opens your mind + cleanses your energy field
  • Encourages magical experiences 

Amethyst Amulet Ring


  • Participate in a Maypole dance
  • Make a flower crown
  • Plant a garden
  • Enjoy time spent in nature
  • Leave some honey or a sweet treat in the forest as an offering for the fairies
  • Do some spring cleaning to make room for new growth
  • Put some flowers on your altar
  • DON'T cut the grass!  Leave the dandelions, violets and other early spring flowers in your yard for the pollenators
  • Put out your bird feeders - especially for hummingbirds
  • Enjoy some sunshine
  • Have a picnic with family + friends