How to Energetically Cleanse Your Jewelry + Crystals

We all know that good hygiene is important!  But have you ever considered whether or not you are practicing good energetic hygiene?

 Reasons you may want to energetically cleanse your jewelry + crystals:

  • You just purchased a new piece of jewelry or crystal and are unsure of its origins or history
  • You purchased or inherited an heirloom or vintage piece of jewelry that has been worn by someone else
  • You had an unsettling experience while wearing a piece of jewelry or carrying a crystal
  • You just got back from traveling with your jewelry + crystals
  • Feeling like your crystal or jewelry has become energetically dull
  • Feeling like you need to freshen up your vibe
  • You haven't done anything to cleanse or clean your jewelry or crystals before
  • You have manifested an intention with a specific piece of jewelry or crystal and are ready for something new
  • You let someone else borrow your crystal or wear your jewelry
  • The vibes feel off 
  • You would like to give your crystals or jewelry an energetic boost

These are just some examples, but if you feel like your jewelry or crystals could use a good cleansing + clearing, trust your intuition!  

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How to cleanse your jewelry + crystals

When deciding which method of energetic cleansing to use on your jewelry or crystals, it is important to do some research about the materials your jewelry or crystal is made of.  Some materials cannot get wet.  Some crystal's color can fade in the sun, etc.  Do your own research to insure that your jewelry or crystals do not get damaged in the process.  Here are some of my favorite methods for energetic cleansing + clearing.

Smoke Cleansing

Smoke cleansing, also called smudging by indigenous people, is using the smoke from burning herbs to clear the energy of a person, object or space.  Smoke cleansing is generally considered safe for most materials.  To do this type of cleansing + clearing, you can use incense, Palo Santo, or Sage. In my opinion, the best materials to use are native plants you can forage locally in your area or plants you grew in your garden.  This adds magic to your cleansing + cleaning as you are taking the time + effort to develop a relationship with the plants you are using.  Please be aware that many sources of Palo Santo and Sage are not harvested responsibly and are leading to these sacred plants becoming endangered.  I also enjoy using Nag Champa incense which smells great and is easily accessible in most smoke shops.

To smoke cleanse, light your herbs or incense, blow out the flame, and then pass your jewelry or crystal through the smoke as it burns, envisioning any unwanted, stuck or stagnate energy to be released.  Have some kind of ashtray or fire safe container to rest the herbs in as they burn.

Crystal Smoke Cleansing

Moonlight cleansing + charging

Moonlight is another great cleansing + clearing technique that is safe for most materials and is easily accessible.  On the night of a full moon, leave your jewelry or crystal outside to absorb the moonlight.  The moonlight will gently energetically cleanse your item as you sleep.  If you cannot safely leave your jewelry or crystal outside overnight, a windowsill will suffice.  No need to worry if it is a cloudy night.  You can still receive the energetic benefits of the moon even if you can't see it.

Crystal in Moonlight

Water cleansing

To water cleanse your jewelry or crystal, head to a stream and allow the running water to gently pass over your jewelry or crystal.  Imagine any impurities or old energy being washed away in the current.  If you can't make it to a stream, you can run some water over your jewelry or crystal in the sink.  Be sure to do some research about whether or not your item can get wet prior to water cleansing to prevent any damage.  Leather, wood and certain types of stones cannot get wet and are not advised to be cleansed with this technique.

Crystal Talisman in Water


This is a great way to connect with nature while cleansing + clearing.  Head outside into your yard or your favorite nature spot.  You may want to bring a blanket to sit on along with your crystal or jewelry.  Put the items you are cleansing onto the Earth.  Place your hand over your items as they lay on the ground and ask Mother Earth to compost any unwanted or stagnant energy.  Sit there with your jewelry and crystals and take some deep breaths as you feel deep roots connecting you to the Earth.  When you feel that your cleansing + clearing is complete, thank Mother Earth for assisting you in the process.

Quartz Crystal in Nature

Meditation + Intention

You can always cleanse + clear your jewelry or crystals through the power of your mind.  This method is safe + effective for all types of materials, doesn't require any extra ingredients, and you can do it wherever you are.  Find a quiet comfortable place where you can sit and meditate.  You can either hold your jewelry or crystal in your hand or place it in front of you.  Visualize an orb of white light around your jewelry or crystal.  This light starts out as a soft glow and gradually increases in luminosity until it radiates like the sun.  As this light continues to grow, imagine it melts away any old energy that is no longer serving you, charging your jewelry or crystal with positive energy.  When you feel complete, slowly blink your eyes open and put your jewelry back on.

Crystal Meditation

How often to cleanse or clear

How often you cleanse + clear is up to you.  Some people like to make it a ritual and engage in this practice on a regular schedule like every Full Moon for example. I personally like to do it on an as needed basis.  If I am feel under or overwhelmed, overstimulated, cranky, or like I need to "freshen up," then a cleansing + clearing ritual is a good place to start.  I always feel much better once my jewelry + crystals are energetically cleansed.