Spiritual Jewelry: How to Adorn Yourself with Meaning

How you can use jewelry in your spiritual practice to create deeper meaning for personal empowerment

There are 2 types of jewelry: superficial + spiritual.  On the surface, many people may see jewelry as an accessory or a luxury item.... and it can be.  Some jewelry is definitely just that... its pretty + functional but it lacks a deeper meaning...

What about other forms of jewelry?  Jewelry that goes beyond superficial beauty.  Jewelry that can have a genuine effect on our psyche + spiritual evolution...  Jewelry can empower us, connect us to our loved ones, offer protection, and allow us to express our individuality... If you have ever wanted to adorn yourself with a sense of purpose, then you have come to the right place!  Here are some of my top tips for using jewelry in your spiritual practice!


His & Hers Aquamarine engagement ring.  Handmade and magically crafted by Alex Lozier Jewelry.1. Using jewelry to connect with a loved one.

We are all familiar with the idea of engagement rings + wedding bands.  For many of us, this will be the most significant piece of jewelry that will enter our lives.  These rings symbolize the power of love + unites us with someone that we have a deep soulful connection with.  When an engagement ring enters our life, we understand that this is a life changing event + it becomes a symbol of status. 

Of course not all jewelry that connects us to a loved one represents marriage.  There are also best friend charms, lockets that house pictures of loved ones, and heirloom jewelry that has been handed down across generations.  By wearing jewelry that connects to a special person, we carry with us the feeling of "I am loved" whenever we need a friendly reminder.  

Heirloom jewelry in particular holds the energetic frequency of the person who wore it before you, making it easy to connect with the essence of their spirit.  By wearing jewels that once belonged to another family member, we can pay homage to their memory + hold them close.  This is a great way to honor our ancestors.



Alex Lozier in mediation.  Using jewelry in her spiritual practice.

2. Charging your jewelry with an intention.

Jewelry can be used as a powerful tool to help manifest your goals + dreams by transforming it into a magical talisman!  Magical talismans are pieces of jewelry that have been energetically programed to fulfill a specific intention when it is worn.  To transform your jewels, decide what energetic property you would like your jewelry to activate when you are wearing it.  

For example, I made myself a ruby necklace that I charged with the intention of health, happiness + prosperity.  Every time I wear this necklace, I am reminded of my intention, and I attract these qualities into my life.

Ruby magical talisman necklace.  Handmade and magically crafted by Alex Lozier Jewelry.It is always a good idea to energetically cleanse your jewelry before programming it with your intention.  The method of cleansing used should be appropriate for the materials that your jewelry is made of.  Some cleansing techniques that are safe for most types of jewelry include:

  • Herbal smoke cleansing (aka smudging): Using either Sage, Cedar, or Palo Santo, pass your jewelry through the smoke as the plant material burns.
  • Using the light of the Full Moon: Leave your jewelry on a windowsill on the night of a Full Moon to allow your jewelry to absorb the lunar energy.
  • Visualization: Imagine white light cleansing your jewelry of any energetic debris that may be attached.  You can call in your spirit guides to help you with this. 

Once your jewelry has been cleansed, enchant your jewelry by simply holding it in your hands next to your heart and speaking your desire in the present tense.  "As I wear this this necklace, I attract beauty, prosperity and happiness into my life..." And the last and BEST step of this process is to wear your jewelry + be aware of any synchronicities you encounter that are in alignment with your intention!  This is a good sign that the magic is working!  (Watch the video at the end of this post to be guided through the process).




Offset bling

3. Jewelry as a mode of self expression!

Jewelry + Body adornment have been used around the world for thousands of years as a powerful way to express who we are as either an individual or as a member of a collective.  How we choose to adorn ourselves can either make us feel that we are "part of a tribe" or that we are unique + one-of-a-kind.  Of course, in truth, we are all unique individuals while belonging to a community: (your family, your neighborhood, your personal interests, etc).

Our bodies are our most personal sacred spaces.  They are the vessels for our spirit as we experience the human condition.  How we adorn ourselves is a powerful way to direct our energy, allowing us to step into who we would like to become as we grow + evolve.  Do we wish to adorn ourselves in such a way that we identify ourselves as being part of a group?  Or do we wish to set ourselves apart?

We often see people using tattoos as a form of body adornment that connects them to a group, community, or a set of beliefs attached to a symbol that is inscribed in ink.   Religious symbols are often worn as pendants that lay close to the heart to connect with a higher power, ascended master or deity.  Artists in the Hip-Hop community rock gold chains + diamonds to signify that they've "made it!" (Think Drake, "Just as a reminder to myself, I wear every single chain even when I'm in the house.... cuz we started from the bottom now we here...").  Of course, these are just a few examples!  I am sure you can think of many more!

I personally love wearing one-of-a-kind custom jewelry that makes me feel like a living breathing work of art.  This allows me to become my own masterpiece + empowers me to continually become better versions of myself over time.  In this way, my body adornment is much more than something I wear; it becomes a part of who I am.



Alex Lozier + Salicrow, Psychic Medium.

4. Using jewelry to connect to a memory.

Commemorative jewelry can also be a powerful way to transport us to a place that we have a strong connection with or a time that had personal significance for us.  Our lives are filled with many milestones.  While it is wonderful to strive to improve + uplift ourselves, it is also important to take a moment of recognition when we have surmounted an obstacle or reached one of our goals.  Such feats deserve to be celebrated!  Sports Teams often celebrate big wins with commemorative rings.  These pieces of jewelry remind us of our hard work, dedication + acknowledge how far we have come on our journey.  Anything can become a commemorative piece of jewelry as long as you assign personal meaning to create sentimental value.



Alchemy/astrological symbol of Neptune with Aquamarine pendant.  Handmade and magically crafted by Alex Lozier Jewelry.
5. Personal protection + adornment armor.

We can all feel a little vulnerable at times, especially those us of that are empaths or are energetically sensitive.  Wearing protective jewelry can be a powerful yet subtle way to guard our energy field.  It can make us feel safe + keep us grounded.  The beauty of protective jewelry lays in the fact that only you have to know you're wearing it.  Someone else may see your protective amulet and not think twice about it.  To them, it is "just a necklace," but you know the true power it holds.  This is energetic armor.

The evil eye, lucky rabbits foot, 4-leaf clover, and Italian horn are all examples of amulets that have been used in different cultures to protect against bad luck + misfortune.  

Next time you need a little extra support, charge a piece of your jewelry with the intention of keeping you safe + protected!  Create your own lucky charm!



Amethyst crystal magical talisman necklace.  Handmade and magically crafted by Alex Lozier Jewelry

6. Crystal Healing Jewelry + Spiritual Evolution

I LOVE wearing specific stones to harness their healing properties.  Each stone resonates at a specific frequency and interacts with our personal energy in a unique way.  When I am creating a piece of jewelry, I am always considering which stone is best suited for the concept of the design + intention of the piece.  You can do the same thing when you are jewelry shopping or selecting a piece to wear from your jewelry box!

In general, the healing properties of each stone usually correspond with the colors of the Chakra system.  Always trust your intuition!  Your intuition is more powerful than anything you can gather from a book or from someone else!  If you feel drawn to a particular stone, then that stone is "good medicine" for you and is exactly what you should be wearing at that time!  Often the meaning will reveal itself to you as you are wearing the piece!  Be aware of any strange encounters or synchronicities that may offer clues along your journey.  Working with stones in this way can help us to heal, grow, and evolve along our spiritual path.  Sometimes, when a stone has fulfilled its duty or we have learned the spiritual lesson it came to teach us, the stone may vanish or break.  It is then time to work with a new stone.

I have had this happen to me on a few different occasions; each with a different stone and each with their own life lessons for my soul's evolution.   It can definitely be sad when this happens because we all get attached to our crystals. The best thing to do in this scenario is to be grateful to the stone for sharing its energy with us.  Ultimately, it is a good thing to acknowledge that we are making progress + we are ready for the next lesson!  Consider this to be a blessing.



 Apophyllite crystal necklace being worn in a magical garden.  Handmade and magically crafted by Alex Lozier Jewelry.


My favorite way of using jewelry in my spiritual practice, is to wear my jewelry as an act of self love!  When I put on a pair of earrings, I feel more confident.  I noticeably feel that I hold my head a little higher.  When I put on my rings, I pay extra special attention to my hands; watching their movement makes me feel more creative.  When I wear a necklace, I can feel that I am holding something I love close to my heart.  All of these pieces of jewelry play an important role in shaping who we are and how we experience life.

Wearing a piece of jewelry that we love can change our entire state of being.  If an engagement ring has the potential to spark a life changing event by connecting us to the power of love for another, why shouldn't we express that same level of love + dedication to ourselves?!  

Every single of piece of jewelry I wear is an opportunity to show myself love + express my true nature.   As I adorn myself, I like to remind myself why I wear each piece + connect to my intention.  Wearing jewelry with deep personal meaning is a transformative experience.  My body is a sacred space and I adorn it with love, care and attention to detail.