Ostara: Spring Equinox Meaning + Rituals

Ostara Spring Equinox Egg

Spring Equinox Meaning: Awakening, New Growth, Rebirth, Fertility, Beginnings, Renewal + Balance

The Pagan holiday of Ostara celebrates the Spring Equinox.  This sacred day marks a turning point in the wheel of the year.  The Spring + Fall Equinoxes are the only days of the entire year with equal day + equal night.  After the Spring Equinox, the days will be getting longer + the nights will continue to wane; giving way to warmer temperatures + the seemingly endless days of summer.  Ostara is a magical time of year when we can see the land awakening from its winter slumber.  The first flowers start to shoot up from the ground, song birds return from their migration, and all the baby animals are starting to be born.  There's a lot of new life being birthed at this time!

Ostara Spring Flowers

A Lesson From the Land

We are all familiar with the Easter Bunny hiding chocolate eggs in the yard for the kiddos to find.  But what is the deeper meaning of this spring activity + where did it come from?  Traditionally, back in the day when our ancestors lived off the land, rabbits + eggs were seen as symbols of fertility particularly during the holiday of Ostara.  As the daylight increased, the chickens started laying eggs again after their annual winter hiatus + rabbits begin their birthing season.  Rabbits are prolific breeders who can deliver 3-8 babies per litter and have about 5 litters each breeding season!  WOW!  That's a whole bunch of little bunnies romping around!  So how can we take a lesson from the land + tap into the wisdom of nature for our own personal growth?

Just as the land begins to stir with new life, we too are called to awaken from the deep rest of winter.  This is a fertile time to start a new project, do a detox, be more active out in the world, or plant new seeds (physically + metaphorically).  As we enter into a new cycle of growth + expansion, this is an excellent time to set an intention of what experiences you'd like to nurture, cultivate + harvest later on in the year.  What areas of life feel renewed?  And which ones need more balance?  What creative projects are you birthing at this time?  How can you harness this bursting forth energy?  (Just as the daffodils shoot up out of the ground at this time!)

Crystals for Spring Equinox/Ostara

Crystals for Spring

We've all heard the the expression that April showers bring May flowers.  These crystals embody the energy of Spring; harnessing the elemental energies of Water + Earth to promote new growth.  



  • Water Element
  • Resonates with Throat Chakra + Third Eye Chakra 
  • Aids in communication + psychic abilities
  • Authentic express of your truth + inner wisdom
  • Compassion + healing of deep seated emotions
WATER MAGICK Kyanite Necklace


  • Earth Element
  • Resonates with the Heart Chakra
  • New growth
  • Digesting old experiences for a nourishing new perspective
  • Connection to nature, specifically the green kingdom of plants
  • Abundance
Prehnite + Epidote Talisman Pendant


  • Water Element
  • Resonates with the Throat Chakra + Heart Chakra
  • Connection to the sacred
  • Goddess Energy/High Priestess Energy
  • Deepens your connection to nature
  • Speak your truth + embody your power
Druzy Chrsyacolla Talisman Necklace

How to Celebrate Ostara

By the time of the Spring Equinox, most of us are itching to ditch our winter jackets, get outside + feel the warmth of the sun on our skin!  And depending on the climate you live in, you may get to do just that!  But regardless of the current temperature, warmer days are on the way!  Here are some ideas to celebrate Ostara + welcome in a new cycle of personal growth:

  • Sow your seeds.  This is a great time to plant new seeds + get your garden started.  You can also do this metaphorically. Set an intention of what areas of life you'd like to see new growth in.  What experiences would you like to cultivate?
  • Psyanky AKA the art of egg decorating.  Being of Ukrainian heritage, this tradition is of particular interest to me.  One of my favorite family memories is of the whole family gathered around my aunt + uncle's kitchen table decorating our eggs together.  Psyanky is a wax resist technique that allows you to draw patterns + pictures on your eggs as you dye them.  When you remove the wax, you are left with multicolored decorated eggs.  Psyanky is a fun creative activity + these beautiful eggs make great altar offerings.  You can draw symbols on your eggs that represent your intention.
Ukrainian East Eggs
  • Easter egg hunt.  This tradition was borrowed from the rabbit + egg fertility symbols of the pagan holiday, Ostara.  None the less, it's a great activity to do with the kids!  Perhaps along with the candy, you can hide some positive affirmations inside the eggs for the kids to read.  Kind of like a fortune cookie with a sweet treat! 
  • Pick some daffodils.  These also make great altar items.  The bright yellow color symbolizes confidence, creativity + represents the life giving energy of the sun.  Bring some of natures beauty into your home during this time of year!
  • Spring cleaning.  This is honestly one of my favorite activities... What can I say?!  I'm a Virgo!  There is nothing like cleaning out your closet to make space for new growth!  This is a great annual practice to get in the habit of doing.  Sometimes, we need to let some sh*t go!  And make way for the new! It's hard to call in new energy when we are burdened by the past; old/outdated thoughts, beliefs, clothes, junk, etc. have got to go!  If it doesn't align with your intention of who you are becoming or what you are trying to manifest, get rid of it!  You can donate it, have a garage sale, give it to someone who can use it or put it straight in the trash/compost.  It's amazing how when we clean up our physical space, our magick has an easier time of manifesting metaphysically! 
  • Do a detox.  The Spring Equinox is all about balance.  This is a great time to evaluate your daily habits + clean up your diet.  Winter is full of nourishing heavy foods which is great for comfort + rejuvenation.  But now that Spring has sprung, it's a good time to lighten up, incorporate more veggies + fresh greens into your diet.  Eating seasonally helps our bodies adapt to our environment.  It's a great way to tap into the wisdom nature.