Ruby: Spiritual Meaning + Metaphysical Properties

Ruby gemstones + sapphire crystals in hand.


❤️‍🔥Let’s talk about Rubies!  
Rubies + sapphires belong to a family of minerals called Corrundum. They are the 2nd hardest stone below diamonds, but much rarer!!!  All Rubies are essentially Sapphires that have trace amounts Chromium present in the Corrundum. The Chromium is where Rubies get their fabulous color from!  
So what’s the difference between a pink Sapphire + a Ruby?! Well, that’s debatable… but typically a Ruby has higher traces of Chromium inside the material than a pink Sapphire. (Or so they say!)  Generally speaking, the richer the color of the stone, the more Chromium is present.  Here’s a cool party trick… The Chromium present in the Corrundum makes Rubies + pink Sapphires fluoresce under UV light!   All other Corrundums without Chromium are labeled as Sapphires.  We typically think of Sapphires as being a rich blue, but Sapphires can be found in a wide variety of colors!
Ruby gemstone ring under UV light


Rubies have a long history of being worn to represent love, beauty, passion, prosperity, success, creativity, confidence, protection, good health, joy + good luck.  They are also stones of strength + resilience because Rubies + Sapphires are the 2nd hardest stone on the MOHS scale.  Is there anything that Ruby CAN'T do?!  

The Hindus called Ruby "Ratnaraj," meaning "King of the Gemstones."  According to Vedic astrology, Rubies are considered to be gemstones of the Sun. Associated with the blood, this radiant gemstone amplifies vitality + the life force energy, Prana.  As a stone of personal empowerment, Ruby is an excellent gemstone to manifest success in all facets of life: love + relationships, business + career, as well as health + wealth.  The fiery energy of Ruby, gives us the passion + the courage to pursue our dreams + transform our life.

Ruby crystals + gemstone jewelry

Because Rubies + pink Sapphires range in color from a deep "pigeon's blood" red to light pink, they resonate with the Root (red) + Heart Chakras (pink) depending on the color.  When our Root Chakra is in balance we feel safe, secure + like we belong in a community.  Having our basic needs met provides a stable foundation to support our most authentic self expression + follow our heart.Ruby gemstone engagement ring


Rubies make an excellent alternative to diamonds for an engagement ring!  Not only are they a durable stone that will stand the test of time, the energy of Ruby is an excellent gemstone to express romantic matters of the heart!  Ruby inspires courage, confidence + is considered to be an aphrodisiac, spicing up the passion in bedroom!  After all, who wouldn't want to honor their love with the "King of the Gemstones?!"