Summer Solstice Magick + Ritual



Ah Summer Solstice... the longest day of the year!  This pagan holiday, also known as Litha, is all about celebrating the light in our lives!  It's a time of being fully illuminated + in full expression of our Divine essence!  We can easily observe this in nature; all of the flowers + trees are blooming, the baby animals are romping around + growing up quickly!  There's a lot of magic afoot this time of year!  You can feel it in the Air when the summer days seem to hang in the sky almost forever!

Summer is also the season of Fire... an element of transformation + illumination.  It's a captivating element that dances + radiates with beauty while demanding a lot of respect!  Fire needs strong boundaries to burn brightly without burning out of control!  It's also needs the right conditions + the right ingredients for the magical spark of ignition to catch!  

This time of year, I am asking myself, "What area in my life can I bring more light into?  How can I use the transformative element of fire to transform an aspect of my life?  How can I allow myself to be in full bloom, fully expressed, fulfilling my ultimate becoming?  What aspect of my life will I use to feed the flame of transformation this time of year?  What are the conditions needed for my fire to thrive?"

I always enjoy making space for quiet moments of self-reflection to check in with myself at these potent points in the Wheel of the Year!  They represent big energetic shifts both internally on a personal level + externally in the natural environment!  Working in harmony with these seasonal astrological events adds a serious energetic boost to your magical workings!  This year I will be using the Summer Solstice to fuel my magical workings with the powerful energy of transformation both inside + out!  



  • Abundance
  • Confidence
  • Elevated sense of self worth
  • Heart healing + expansion
  • Love, Beauty, Sensuality




    • Creativity
    • Abundance + receiving blessings
    • Benevolent leadership
    • Transformation
    Sunstone Fire Magick necklace


    • Solar Plexus activation
    • Courage, strength + confidence
    • Ease in creative pursuits
    • Expression of your unique essence
    Citrine Crystal
      Summer Solstice Magical Ritual.


        Summer is the time do all things!  Go on an adventure, get the party started + celebrate the light in your life!  Here are some ideas to celebrate this sacred holiday:

        • Watch the sunset.  Solstice is the longest day of the year.  On this day the Sun will seem to hang in the sky forever.  As you watch the sunset, reflect on all of the abundance your life has been blessed with this year so far.
        • Pick some flowers + herbs to symbolize all the beauty that is blooming in your life.
        • Wear jewelry with Sunstone, Malachite or Citrine to embody the Summer Solstice energy.  Or you can put these crystals on your altar.
        • Go on an adventure.  Perhaps there's an exciting destination you'd like to take a trip to.  The longer summer days are perfect for exploring!  Summer is the time of year to have our energy expenditure focused outwardly.  So be out in the world + have some fun!
        • Have a bonfire.  You can create a fire circle ceremony as a catalyst for transformation.  Make a list of all things in your life that you are working on transforming + write these down on a piece of paper.  Speak them out loud to the fire.  As you do, you can sprinkle in some offerings to the fire such as flower petals, herbs, a piece of your hair, anything else that represents your transformation.  And finally, when you are done reading your list, throw the piece of paper into the fire.  
          • A NOTE OF CAUTION: If you choose to have a bonfire or fire circle, do so responsibly.  Always have a hose or water bucket handy.  Many areas are experiencing drought and fire danger is high.  As Smoky the Bear says, "Only you can prevent forest fires."  If a burn ban is in effect in your area, its best to choose another way to celebrate or opt for a candle in your spell work to incorporate the fire element instead. 
        • Eat seasonally.  Enjoy some watermelon, cucumber, lemonade, mint tea + other cooling foods to balance the heat.