The Evolution of a Magical Talisman Maker

Alex Lozier.  Silversmith, Jewelry Artist + Magical Talisman Maker.

If you are a lover of jewels, have you ever wondered about the captivating + transformative power of jewelry?!  Have you ever asked yourself.... How does handmade jewelry go from accessory to Magical talisman?!  Can jewelry help people to reveal the essence of who they are on a deep soul level?!  Do stones have magical healing powers?!  How one becomes a Magical Talisman Maker?!  

My name is Alex Lozier.  I am formally trained as a silversmith + jewelry artist.  I am here to share my story with you of how working with stones + organic found objects in my jewelry work was a catalyst for a profound life changing experience!  Creating this work helped me to learn about who I am on a deep soul level + awaken to the beauty of the unseen world, the realm of Spirit!  This is the story of my life + work; how I evolved from being a nature-loving Jersey kid into becoming a Magical Talisman Maker!  Enjoy!