The Magical + Metaphysical Properties of Silver

Many people often talk about the magical healing properties of stones + crystals, but rarely do you hear people talking about  metaphysical properties of metals!  And today we are going to talk about my FAVORITE metal of all, SILVER!  As someone who has studied silversmithing + jewelry fabrication for the last 15+ years, I can say that I have gotten to know this magical material quite well!  In truth, my love for Silver began way before my metalsmithing education.  As a child, I always remember the jewelry my Mom wore... and I was NOT feelin' it!  Sorry Mom... She always wore big gold hoops and still does to this day.  It was a vibe that did not resonate with me.  From a very young age, I was always attracted to silver jewelry with BIG gemstones!  And if you look at the jewelry work I make today, I am sure that would come to you as no surprise!  As I've intimately gotten to know the magical material we call Silver, I've learned why I've had such a deep fascination with this metal!  So let's talk about it!
Silver carries the energy of the Moon.  It is feminine, cyclical in nature and embodies the energy of both the light + the dark.  Silver is a metal that is alway changing + constantly in motion.  It is always on a journey from either light to dark OR dark to light.   
What do I mean by this?  Well, if you've ever had a piece of high polish sterling silver jewelry (or silverware) before, and you let it sit in your jewelry box for awhile, you probably noticed that it started to change colors + darken.  This process is called oxidizing.  When light-colored high polished Silver is exposed to the elements, the oxidation process starts.  Over time, the metal begins to darken.  There are techniques that can be done to speed up this process + blacken the metal which is my preferred method of finishing jewelry in my studio.  As the oxidized jewelry is worn, it gradually begins to lighten where the metal touches the skin + develops beautiful antiqued highlights.  Starting with an oxidized finish + allowing the jewelry to lighten with wear makes the jewelry more low maintenance.  It gives silver the ability to embody its true nature by allowing it to express both the light + dark qualities in its appearance.  Not only is it aesthetically pleasing in a piece of jewelry, it does not need to be polished.  Hallelujah!
Moon Lovers jewelry collection
So what does this mean for us folks who are using jewelry + gemstones for their healing energy + magical manifesting properties?!  Well, first of all, let's talk about what is magick?!  Magick is the skilled ability to bring about a desired result.  Magick is intentionally interacting with the laws of the Universe to create a series of events that share a resonance of meaning, otherwise know as synchronicities.  When we are making Magic, we are always working with symbols + metaphors to convey the message of our Magick to the Universe + to our subconscious mind.  Remember the ancient Alchemists used to say, " As above, so below.  As within, so without."  (Side note: the deeper we go into our magical practice, the more + more we see this alchemical principal reflected back to us).  Once we get our intended magical message across that's when we begin to experience synchronicities + the magic begins to unfold!  
Now that we're on the same page about what Magick is + the pathways it follows, let's get back to our original question... what does working with Silver mean for us folks who are using jewelry + gemstones for their healing energy + magical manifesting properties?!  To answer this, we must look at the energetic properties of the Moon.  The Moon is the archetype of the Mother.  It's all about how we care for + nurture ourselves.  It is also intimately connected to our intuition + emotions. Coming out mostly in the night sky, the Moon governs the dream realm; the landscape of darkness.  Sometimes she illuminates the sky, and sometimes she disappears to rest.  It is this cyclical nature of light + dark that we are most interested in when working with the magical properties of Silver.  It is the ability to temper darkness with light + vice versa; to honor our Shadow + our light with equal reverence.
Here are some questions to consider when setting an intention + making magic with a piece of silver jewelry... How can I allow myself to express both my Shadow + my light equally?  How can I temper these opposing qualities within myself + give them healthy expression?  (Think of the temperance card in the Tarot.  Here's a hint: She embodies the energy of the Alchemist archetype).  How am I nurturing myself?  Am I trusting my intuition?  Am I flowing with the natural rhythms that ebb + flow in my life?  Are there parts of my life/personality that need to be illuminated? 
Art of Sagittarius: Thoth Tarot Atu Art XIV         Temperance Meaning - Major Arcana Tarot Card Meanings – Labyrinthos      
Once you've considered these aspects of how Silver can be an excellent ally + magical tool, set your intention.  In sealing my magical intentions, I always like to end with the clause, "And so it shall be or better."  Envision your desired result, feel the outcome as if it has already happened, and trust that the Universe is rearranging some things to bring your intention to you.  Keep the faith, hold the vision + be on the look out for synchronicities.  As you await the arrival of your desired result, your job is to take inspired action to anchor this desire into manifestation.  In other words, do the work!  
Another amazing property of Silver is that it is conductive in nature so Silver is an excellent material to be a conduit of energy.  Wear your jewelry as though it is energizing your magick + drawing it to you like an electro-magnet!
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