The Magick + Alchemy of Jewelry

Looking at jewelry through the Alchemical lense

Alchemy lends itself quite well when talking about jewelry within a spiritual context because Alchemy refers to many of the materials that we jewelers' use in our studios everyday.  The alchemists were famous for trying to transmute lead into gold, but I believe that this was actually a metaphor for transforming the density of the human experience (lead) into the gold of spiritual awakening. They had a famous saying, "As above, so below. As within, so without." In other words, what is reflected in the microcosm is reflected in the macrocosm + vise versa. The cosmos lies within us + we are part of the cosmic creative force as well! Therefore, the path of the alchemist is to transform the inner landscape in order to create positive change the world around us! So how can we infuse these ideas into our jewelry?!


The Magick + Alchemy of Jewelry by Alex Lozier Jewelry


How jewelry evolved with human consciousness

Well... let's start from the very beginning; the beginning of the evolution of human consciousness.  Once man had his basic survival needs met, man developed the need for self-expression. Jewelry is the most ancient of all the art forms! It predates the earliest cave paintings by 30,000 thousand years... These Nassarius shells found at the Blombos Cave in South Africa are over 75,000 years old!  Each shell was painted with a red ochre, perforated in the same spot with a tool, and then strung to be worn as beads.  What is even more impressive is that these shells were collected + transported over 20 kilometers from the native habitat of these mollusks. This is evidence that the shells were gathered with intention + crafted in the spirit of creativity!  Jewelry has evolved with the human psyche over thousands of years + adorning the body is an essential part of expressing our unique essence!

Nassarius shells found at Blombos Caves, South Africa


The importance of jewelry today 

In my own personal life, jewelry has helped me to ignite a self-love revolution of epic proportions + these are the results I aim to share with my clients + the people who wear the jewelry I create! Jewelry is a great act of self-love! Especially when we adorn ourselves with a sense of purpose!  Too often we deny ourselves the love we deserve... and I have been guilty of this myself!  But what if, self-love could be as simple as putting on a pair of earrings for the day + holding your head a little higher?!  Wearing a necklace over your heart for protection when you're feeling vulnerable?!  Or putting on your favorite rings so that you can watch them dance on your fingers as you go about your day?!  Making these meaningful choices to honor ourselves with jewelry can have a big impact!  Your body is your most sacred space!  And I will say again, JEWELRY IS SELF LOVE!  Every time I put on a piece of jewelry, I remember that my life is a sacred experience + the Universe has my back in pursuit of my dreams!  Wearing jewelry with love + intention is a transformative experience.  It can help us to feel more connected to ourselves + the world around us; celebrating the beauty of the Earth + awakening the inner magic of the soul.  When working with clients, I help them to channel their heart's desire + encapsulate that energy into a piece of jewelry... and the results have been nothing short of magical!  I call these pieces of jewelry MAGICKAL TALISMANS + and they are more than just pretty accessories... they are tools for personal empowerment!

What is a Magickal Talisman?!

Well... first of all... what is MAGICK?! To put it very simply, Magick is the skilled ability to create a desirable result. Magick is power of influence through ART!!! And jewelry is the most ancient of all art forms! (Remember: Jewelry pre-dates the earliest cave painting by 30,000 thousand years).

A Magical Talisman is a piece of jewelry created with sacred objects of personal importance + infused with a specific intention to create a desired result.

Magickal Talisman by Alex Lozier Jewelry
There are many ways that the spark of magic can be ignited, but the magician must unite 2 paths for the Magic to work: the Will + the Way. Our Will, is our ability to taken inspired action that is in alignment with our desired result. Our Way is our method to focus our mind + motivation to take these inspired actions along the journey to our desired destination. When we wear jewelry with intention, we are empowering our Will through the ancient art of adornment. Because Magickal Talismans are intended to be carried on our person, they integrate the wisdom of the body + awaken the magic of the soul! Have you ever felt more alive when you've put on a piece of jewelry?! Have you ever felt more confident?! Like you can feel yourself sparkle + shine?!

So I dare you! Go ahead + give it a try! Head on over to your jewelry box + put on a piece of jewelry with love + intention... see how you feel!  Show yourself the love you deserve + honor yourself with a piece of jewelry! In the video below, I share with you some of my favorite ways to wear earrings, necklaces + rings with intention for personal empowerment!  Enjoy!