The Magick of Crow: Symbolism + Spiritual Meaning

Crow Dangle Earrings


Gliding through the Betwixt + Between, Crows are the messengers of the Spirit World.  Stories woven through myth and legend speak of Crows' + Ravens'  relationship to seeing into the unseen; sharing the magic of the gods with the mortal world.  Magic, mystery + communication are the qualities Crow carries with both grace and playfulness!  Crow is here to help us to remember that Magic + the Psychic Arts offer us both deep mystery + ecstatic joy!


Crow symbolism + meaning


  • Call on Crow as a messenger whenever you need your name + intention to be carried out into the world.  You can do this send a message to a loved one, find new clients for your business, gain recognition for a project that you're working on, etc.  Be creative + let crow assist your efforts!
  • Pay close attention to your thoughts + synchronicities when crow shows up in  a more than "everyday way."  If crow is catching your attention more than usual, Crow may have a message for you!
  • Work with Crow to help deepen your psychic abilities.  Crow is a messenger of the Spirit World + is associated with divination + prophecy.  Ask Crow to help you learn how to gain information + wisdom from the unseen realms.
  • Call on Crow for protection.  Crows can often be seen chasing away birds of prey much larger in size than they are!  Call on Crow when you to defend your territory, speak up for yourself or need to tackle a challenge that feels bigger than you are!

Alex Lozier + Salicrow with her book, "Spirit Speaker"


If you don't know who Salicrow is... please allow me to introduce her! Sali is a gifted psychic medium, healer + teacher. She is most well known for ability to communicate with our beloved dead, but she also works with nature spirits and teaches others how to develop their own psychic abilities.
I first came to know Salicrow at a Crystal Alchemy conference hosted by Robert Simmons (author of the Book of Stones). At the time, spirit communication was not something that was consciously on my radar. But Sali got up onto the stage and said, "Hi, my name is Salicrow and I talk to dead people. When you die, this is how it works..." and I was on the edge of my seat! All I could think was, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN?! HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT?!" In that moment, I knew I had found my spiritual teacher. One by one, Sali called about 10 people up onto the stage and proceeded to talk to each person's beloved dead. The experience was moving, at times hilarious, and not at all how I expected a Seance to be! Overall, it helped me to understand some spiritual experiences that I'd had and opened my consciousness to new possibilities + spiritual experiences.
After the conference was over, I knew I needed to work with Salicrow directly (obviously). A year or so later, Sali was hosting a 4 day retreat in the White Mountains about communicating with Earth Spirits. I'm pretty sure I was the first person to sign up! I was so stoked to finally have an opportunity to learn from Sali! I sent out my deposit within 5 minutes of the email announcement! LOL! On the retreat, I brought along an aquamarine + green labradorite crystal skull necklace that I had made as a gift to say thank you for sharing this wisdom with me... if you've ever been in sacred ceremony with Salicrow or to one of her Seance's, maybe you've seen it before.
Aquamarine bird skull necklace for Salicrow
Well let me tell you, that necklace got Sali's attention! Sali invited me to be her apprentice. My sacred task was to create magical jewelry collections inspired by her teachings in exchange for attending her ceremonies, retreats, and receiving personalized guidance towards developing my own psychic abilities. And the experience has been a witchy dream job for sure!
I've learned a lot from this lady and she has had a profound impact on my personal + spiritual development. Our most recent collection, Betwixt + Between is particularly dear to my heart because it beautifully marries our mutual love for crystals + spirit communication which is what brought us together in the first place!  Over the years under Sali's guidance, I've come to appreciate the wisdom + the Magick that Crow has to offer us along our spiritual journey into the unseen world.  The Betwixt + Between collection embodies this magical place of no time-no space.  Jewels of deep red + smoky purples offer grounding + healing, glimmering Mother of Pearl opens your Intuition + otherworldly black scrying stones for true sight…Time to step into the Betwixt & Between!


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