What does it mean to be a Witch?!


Reclaiming the word "witch" as wise one or person of power

The word "witch" has a lot of misconceptions around it + has gotten a bad rap over time... but really the word "witch" means "wise one" or "person of power." For me, being a witch is a lifestyle + a way of interacting with the world around me... It's all about claiming your power by being in sacred relationship with yourself + seeing the world around you as sacred.  Acknowledging the sacredness of life allows us witches to recognize the interconnectedness of all things + be in awe of the world us.

"What does it mean to be a Witch?!"  by Alex Lozier Jewelry
As a witch, I am a seer. I choose to see the sacred in everything. I enjoy the esoteric arts + live by principles of ancient wisdom. I work with the elements + flow in harmony with the seasons. I live a holistic life, integrated with nature in every facet of my existence; from the food I eat, to the work I do, to the way I interact with the world. Living intentionally creates an incredible amount of depth + personal meaning in everything that I do. I honor myself as a sacred being, I trust my intuition + I make choices that empower my soul's evolution. When I invoke my inner Magick, I am empowered to walk in beauty, feel joy in the simplest pleasures of life, and elevate my experience through the power of transformation. My life is my alchemical cauldron + transformation is the gold of spiritual awakening.