What is a Magical Talisman?

Magical Talisman Necklace.  Handmade by Alex Lozier Jewelry.
First of all.... what is Magick?!  
To put it very simply... Magic is the skilled ability to create a desired result.  There are many ways that the spark of magic can be ignited, but the magician must unite 2 paths for the Magic to work: the Will + the Way.  Our Will, is our ability to taken inspired action that is in alignment with our desired result.  Our Way is the method of Magick that we choose to inspire our actions along the way.  (Examples of Magical methods we can implement as the "Way" to our desired result include: astrology, numerology, geomancy, the Tarot, herbalism, ritual, mantra, etc.  The list goes on!  It is up to the Magician to decide the "Way" that most resonates most.)
For our purposes, the Magical Talisman is our Way.  
A Magical Talisman is a piece of jewelry created with sacred objects of personal importance + infused with a specific intention to create a desired result.  
We are empowering our Will through the ancient art of adornment.  Because Magical Talismans are intended to be carried on our person, they integrate the wisdom of the body + awaken the magic of the soul.  
The job of the Talisman is to unite these 2 important paths in the magical process.  When our Will + our Way are in alignment with each other, they open the portal of manifestation.  This is when we begin to experience synchronicities that let us know that the magic is working!  We are in Divine flow + the Universe is assisting us in our mission.  Synchronicities are events that share a resonance of meaning with our desired result + act as a guide post along our manifesting journey to let us know that we are on the right path.  An opportunity may come our way, we may meet the right person, or we may be gifted something that we needed to complete our task, etc.  This are just a few of the ways that synchronicities can show up... the Universe works in mysterious ways so it's important to trust the process + be aware when there's magic afoot!
The most important aspect of the magical talisman is that they are created with materials that hold personal meaning for us that resonates with our intention.  This can be a specific stone that you found in a sacred place, an object that was given to you by a loved one, a plant that you have a special relationship, etc.  There is no shortage of ways to create a deep resonance of meaning that can assist you on your magical path.  These are just a few examples.  I personally love to combine the occult arts of crystal healing, reiki, numerology, astrology + the elements in my magical talismans to create many layers of meaning for myself + my clients.  The results are powerful + deeply personal.  Every time we wear our magical talisman + carry it with us, we are adding more energy to our magic that is already in motion, and in return, our magical talisman strengthens our will to amplify our power to manifest our desires.
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