Witchcore: Fall Style Tips for a Witchy Aesthetic


The word "witch" has a lot of misconceptions around it + has gotten a bad rap over time... but really the word "witch" means "wise one" or "person of power." Being a witch is a lifestyle + a way of interacting with the world around you... It's all about claiming your power by being in sacred relationship with yourself + seeing the world around you as sacred.  Acknowledging the sacredness of life allows witches to recognize the interconnectedness of all things + be in awe of the world around us.  Living intentionally creates an incredible amount of depth + personal meaning in everything that you do. You honor yourself as a sacred being, trust your intuition + make choices that empower your soul's evolution. When you invoke your inner Magick, you are empowered to walk in beauty, feel joy in the simplest pleasures of life, and elevate your experience through the power of transformation. Your life is your alchemical cauldron + transformation is the gold of spiritual awakening.  Although you do not need to dress a certain way to embody what it means to be a witch, it certainly is fun!  Here are my top tips for a witchy wardrobe!

Crystal Jewelry Witch Vibes


When curating an enchanting witchy aesthetic, there's a few items that every witch's closet should have!  I personally like to keep my style comfy but still make it cute!  A good place to start is BLACK!  Lots of black in many different textures + styles... I like to add pops of color especially with gemstone jewelry!  (Naturally...)

  1. Your witch hat... VERY IMPORTANT!  More on that later...
  2. A great leather jacket or vegan alternative.  You may opt for a trench coat instead
  3. Boots!  I love Frye harness boots + mules clogs + combat boots
  4. Lacey things!
  5. Stockings.  Fishnets are my personal favorite.
  6. Knit sweaters + comfy warm layers
  7. Cozy accessories: a great beanie, fleece headband and some cute gloves

Witch Hat


Your Witch Hat is more than just an accessory to your OOTD!!!  Your Witch Hat is a magical tool that should be a physical representation of your most magical self.  Who are you when wear this hat?  When energy are you cultivating?  What magick are you bringing into the world?  Your Witch Hat helps you embody this version of your spirit in the present moment.  Consider wearing your Witch Hat anytime you are doing spell work, divination, or magical activities because:

  1. Magical tools have memory.  They gain power + strength upon repetition of use.  
  2. When we work with a magical consistently, it helps our subconscious mind move into the Betwixt + Between; the liminal space where reality becomes malleable!  This is where the magick happens!

Consider adorning your Witch Hat with your favorite magical bits!  Perhaps you'd like to dress it with some ribbons, feathers, your favorite twig you found in the woods, jewelry, crystals... I think you get the idea!  Let your creative spirit take the wheel!


Witchy Outfit #1

Witchy Outfit #1

This is a comfy casual fall style great for a walk in the woods, trip to the farmers market or snuggling up with a good book!  Start with your favorite knit sweater, leggings/yoga pants and then dress it up with some accessories.  I like to wear this some knee high boots, hat and jewelry.  A long pendant necklace that hangs at the solar plexus looks great with most necklines + turtle necks.  Add some earrings for a little extra sparkle!

SHOP THE LOOK: Alex is wearing the Moon Lovers Trilogy Earrings with the Lepidolite + Garnet Pendant + Headdress

Witchy Outfit #2

Witchy Outfit #3

This outfit is great for a magical night out!  Pair your favorite jacket with a pencil skirt + some fishnets or other stockings.  This goes great with a tee or tank top.  Wear some combat boots for a more casual look or opt for knee high to dress it up. Don't forget the jewelry!  I opted for some simple stud earrings + a large amethyst pendant for a pop of color.

SHOP THE LOOK: Alex is wearing the Amethyst Omega Necklace with the Star Ruby Post Earrings

Witchy Outfit #3

Witchy Outfit #3

This outfit really has some flare!  I styled a lacey bell sleeve top with some black yoga pants.  I added a bit more flavor to the outfit with a waisted belt to cinch in waistline + make it spicy!  I finished off this look with some knee high boots + some dark jewelry to fit the goth vibe.

SHOP THE LOOK: Alex is wearing the Hex Gem Earrings with the Psilomelane Crow Pendant

BONUS Witchy Outfit

Witchy Outfit #4

This outfit is the most formal of all them all.  Wear this out to brunch, a magical witchy ceremony, or a fancy night out.  Start with a long flow black dress and some clogs/mules with a heal. Add your witch hat for a witchy outlaw vibe.  This outfit calls from some great jewelry!  I went for a layered necklace look by choosing 2-3 different necklaces that had a variety of lengths + chain textures.  And some gemstone hoop earrings to compliment my pendant.

SHOP THE LOOK: Alex is wearing the Amethyst Hoop Earrings with the Oval Loop Chain + Amethyst Amulet Necklace