Amethyst Amulet Ring
Amethyst Amulet Ring

Amethyst Amulet Ring

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Mmmm…. Purple!  The color of higher consciousness!  Amethyst is an excellent stone for releasing unhealthy habits + addictions in order to create space for a new way of life to emerge. This uplifting of our being first happens internally; in the mind, by raising our conscious awareness so we can begin to make healthier choices rooted in self love + care. When we make this shift, everything else begins to shift as well. Our cells function at their highest capacity + our external reality begins to reflect the beauty of the internal coherence that we’ve created. And oh man, does it feel good when we can begin to exemplify the life of our dreams!

Remember that whatever it is that you want out of life, you can have it! You just have to bring it into your conscious awareness and raise your vibration to meet it! As they say, what you seek, is seeking you! The magic to make it happen is already inside you! You just have to consciously activate it!  Feeling you need some guidance along the way? Allow amethyst to be a gentle yet profound guide into the higher realms of consciousness + LOVE!

Set in sterling silver.  Oxidized patina is designed to lighten with wear to reveal beautiful antiqued highlights!  No need for polishing!

Stone is approx. 8mm.  Band width is approx. 2.5mm.  Unsure of your ring size?  Select ring sizing service for your order + be sent a ring sizer (that you can keep). 

Made to order.  Please allow 2 weeks for production.