Druzy Chrsyacolla Talisman pendant, handmade by Alex Lozier Jewelry.  "The Green Goddess" Collection.
Druzy Chrysacolla Talisman Pendant

Druzy Chrysacolla Talisman Pendant

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Honor yourself as a Green Goddess + get ready to bloom!  Welcome in a new cycle of growth, abundance + heart expanded consciousness with luscious green + vibrant blue crystals that help you connect deeply with nature... Set your heart free + unleash your inner wild woman!

Metaphysical Properties of Druzy Chrysacolla:

🌿Goddess Energy + Expression of the sacred

🌿Energetic attunement to the Earth element

🌿Heals Throat Chakra for clear communication

🌿Inner Wisdom + Authentic Truth

Druzy Chrysacolla on matrix specimen set in sterling silver. 

Pendant is 1.1" x 1.85" approx.  Chain is 18" approx. long.

One-of-a-kind.  Ready to ship.  Please allow 1-3 business days prior to shipping.