Malachite + Azurite Dangle Earrings, handmade by Alex Lozier Jewelry.  "The Green Goddess" collection.
Malachite + Azurite Dangle Earrings
Malachite + Azurite Dangle Earrings

Malachite + Azurite Dangle Earrings

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Honor yourself as a Green Goddess + get ready to bloom!  Welcome in a new cycle of growth, abundance + heart expanded consciousness with luscious green + vibrant blue crystals that help you connect deeply with nature... Set your heart free + unleash your inner wild woman!

Metaphysical Properties of Malachite:

🌿Prosperity, Abundance + Good Luck

🌿Heart Healing + helps release emotional baggage

🌿Magnetic Manifesting Abilities

Metaphysical Properties of Azurite:

🌿Opens 3rd Eye + Enhances psychic abilities

🌿Stimulates insight, intuition + intellect

🌿Clarity of mind

Malachite/azurite beads set in sterling silver with sterling silver ear wire.  

Earrings are approx. 1.25" long

Made to order.  Please allow 1-2 weeks production time prior to shipping.