Prehnite + Epidote Talisman Necklace, handmade by Alex Lozier Jewelry.  "The Green Goddess" collection.
Prehnite + Epidote Talisman

Prehnite + Epidote Talisman

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Honor yourself as a Green Goddess + get ready to bloom!  Welcome in a new cycle of growth, abundance + heart expanded consciousness with luscious green + vibrant blue crystals that help you connect deeply with nature... Set your heart free + unleash your inner wild woman!

Metaphysical Properties of Epidote in Prehnite:

🌿Rapid manifestation of Hearts Desire

🌿Catalyst for change + growth

🌿Aids in processing + digesting life's experiences to promote inner peace

Epidote in Prehnite gemstones set in oxidized sterling silver.   Oxidized patina is designed to lighten with wear to reveal beautiful antiqued highlights!   No need for polishing!

Pendant is 1" x 1.55" approx.  Chain is 18" approx. long.

One-of-a-kind.  Ready to ship.  Please allow 1-3 business days prior to shipping.