The Magick of Rings Workshop
The Magick of Rings Workshop

The Magick of Rings Workshop

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MONDAY, JULY 25th at 8PM EST on Zoom 

There is so much power + meaning in the palm of your hand!  As the old alchemists used to say, "As above, so below..." Your hand actually mirrors your natal astrology chart.  It reveals your soul's purpose + the lessons you are meant to learn in this life!  Your hands are also a potent creative tool for influencing the energy at play.

In this zoom workshop, we will be tapping into the alchemy of rings + learning how to adorn our hands for personal empowerment.  Through the mystical arts of Palmistry, Astrology + Crystal Healing, we will identify personal power planets in our natal astrology charts, learn how to craft our own personal symbolism + infuse our rings with intention in a jewelry enchantment ceremony.

If you've purchased a ring from me in 2022, you get half off of this workshop!  Send me an email at for a coupon code to sign up.


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