How does Crystal Healing work?



To understand how crystal healing works, first we must learn about what a crystal is!  A crystal is a form of matter that is made up of molecules that arrange themselves in highly structured repeating geometric patterns.  Essentially, crystals are stable patterns of coherence + alignment.  The elements that make up a crystal lattice will have an affect on the stone's shape, color, energetic frequency + what type of healing properties a stone will carry.

 Cobaltocalcite Crystal

Cobaltocalcite Crystal


Crystal healing happens when we intentionally work with these specific properties that are unique to crystals to activate change in our personal life.  Because humans are living beings that are constantly in a state of flux (biologically, emotionally, mentally, etc.), working with crystals can help us to cultivate more stability, coherence + alignment in our everyday life.  Crystals can be used to manifest something new, heal an aspect of ourselves, or help us to deepen our spiritual practice.  

Many people out there LOVE crystals and swear by their healing + life changing magical powers!  (And I am one of those people!)  But what if you are not someone that can "feel the energy" of a crystal?  Does this mean that crystal healing is not working for you?  Or you are bad at it?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!

Crystal healing is not about having a physical sensation or a cool tingly feeling in your body.  Although some people have reported these types of experiences, it is not what crystal healing is all about in my opinion.  To truly understand how working with crystals can be a transformational experience, it is helpful to take a journey through the chakras.   By using these powerful energetic centers of the body as our guide, it allows us to understand how crystal healing works on a spiritual level. When we shift focus to our soul's evolution, that is where the real healing can begin!

Chakra system


How can you determine the healing properties of a crystal without looking it up in a crystal healing book or hitting up Google?!  Well, a really great place to start is looking at a chart of the Chakra system.  Each Chakra is represented by a color, an organ system and a set of emotions, both positive + negative (which set of emotions will manifest is determined by the health of the Chakra).  9 times out of 10, the energetic properties of a crystal will resonate with the Chakra of its corresponding color.  So for example, a red crystal will resonate with the Root Chakra, an orange crystal will resonate with the Sacral Chakra and so on all the way up through the rainbow to the Crown Chakra. 

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Once you identify which Chakra your crystal resonates with, you can start to understand the energy it carries + how you can use it for crystal healing.  Each crystal will carry its own energetic frequency + it will interact with your energy in a unique way.  

Along with their color, crystals also get their energetic properties from the elements that make up their molecular structure.  It is helpful to consider this aspect in your crystal healing process.  For example, Malachite is a copper based mineral which is an excellent conductor of electricity. This comes as no surprise because Malachite is a stone that resonates with the Heart Chakra + the Heart is the largest generator of electromagnetic energy in the body.  


Malachite Crystal

Malachite Crystal


1. Obviously, as a jewelry artist, I'm biased, but my FAVORITE method of crystal healing is wearing jewelry with intention.  When you start to consider the energetic frequency of the stones you are wearing + how they interact with your Chakras, the results can be quite powerful!  Not only does jewelry interact with our body in a physical way, it also communicates to our subconscious mind every time we wear it.  And if you are unfamiliar with the power of the subconscious mind, let me just say that this where the magick happens!  (You could study the subconscious mind for lifetimes... if you'd like to learn more about this topic, I recommend checking out Jungian Psychology).

2. Before you go to bed, ask your crystal to send you a message in your dreams.  Be sure to keep your dream journal or book of shadows near your bed so that you can record your experience.  Be sure to take note of any imagery you saw, reoccurring themes, colors, emotions, did your crystal show up in your dream?! Etc.  By recording all of these details, you are building a library of personal symbolism that you can start to weave a story together with.  If you want to learn more about how to do this, check out my blog post about, "What do crystal dreams mean?"

3. Meditate with your crystal.  Meditation in + of itself has a lot of positive benefits for our physical + metal health.  When you add crystals into this practice, you are giving your energy a chance to recalibrate + align with the wisdom of your crystal.  Remember that crystals are stable patterns of coherence + alignment!  So when you meditate with your crystal, you are giving yourself an opportunity to invite this energy into your mindset, cellular functioning + inform how you move throughout your day.